Franciscan Books

Below are attached lists of a few books on the Franciscan Order and Franciscan topics. This is not an exhaustive list. There are many more available and new ones continue to be published. Many of the ones listed here are widely available at bookstores and through online shopping. Some come only from specific vendors which will be identified on the list. Where books are out of print or difficult to find, try searching for used copies at used or rare book sites online. Out of print and rare books can also often be found in large libraries, such as university libraries and city libraries.

Franciscan Books

Genre Description List
Franciscan Formation Specifically Oriented Towards Formation Programs Click HERE
Franciscan Prayer & Liturgical Prayer Franciscan Prayer and Liturgical Prayer Click HERE
Franciscan Conversion/Transformation Specifically about Conversion/Transformation/Evangelization Click HERE
Franciscan Saints Biographies of St. Francis, St. Clare and other Franciscan Saints Click HERE
Franciscan History History of the Franciscan Family Click HERE
Franciscan Studies Organizing & Studying Franciscan Materials Click HERE
Franciscan Philosophy/Theology Franciscan Philosophical & Theological Development Click HERE
Franciscan Living Click HERE
Franciscan Other Click HERE

Below is a list of book vendors for you to use. This list should not be considered an endorsement for, or a recommendation of, any particular vendor or publisher. The list is simply here for your convenience when finding things online.

Vendor/Publisher Links

Vendor Description Link
Franciscan Institute Publications Publishes scholarly books on Franciscan topics. A very important source for Franciscan history. Click HERE
Tau Publishing Publishes a variety of specialized books on Franciscan spirituality. Click HERE
Amazon Sells new & used books, including some hard to find used books. Click HERE
Barnes & Noble Sells new & used books, including some hard to find used books. Click HERE
AbeBooks Sells used books internationally, including some hard to find used books. Click HERE
Franciscan Media Publisher of popular new books. Click HERE
Loome Theological Booksellers For out of print, hard to find or rare books on religious topics. Click HERE

Search Libraries For Copies

Resource Description Link
WorldCat Worldwide Library Catalog Click HERE

Quite a few of our other formation materials come from Smoky Valley Printing in Lindsborg, Kansas. They do not have a website, but their catalog generally appears in the TAU magazine each quarter. Their contact information is below:

Smoky Valley Printing
P.O. Box 189
Lindsborg, KS 67456

Phone: 785-227-2364
FAX: 785-227-3360