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Tau Magazine – Fall 2018

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You should be receiving the Tau Magazine in your mailbox or email. If you are not, please contact your local council. Each new issue of the Tau Magazine is also uploaded to the website at the new OFS-USA website HERE.

A New Name for the National Fraternity

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The National Fraternity is changing its name to OFS-USA. You will still see NAFRA used on older items, but now you will also see OFS-USA used. For more information on the name change, click HERE.

History of the Rule Presentation

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The presentation on the history of the Rule, that was given on Formation Day, is now uploaded in pdf format. To see it click HERE.

Registration Form for Day of Formation 2018

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The registration form for our Day of Formation in October has been sent out to each Local Fraternity Minister by email. There is an extra copy HERE in case one is needed.

National Chapter of Elections 2018

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National Elections were held at the Annual Meeting in October. The members of the new National Council are:

National Minister: Jan Parker OFS
National Vice Minister: Mary Bittner OFS
National Secretary: Jane DeRose-Bamman OFS
National Treasurer: Claudia Kauzlarich OFS
International Councilor: Awilda Guadalupe OFS
National Councilor: Josh Molidor OFS
National Councilor: Dennis Ross OFS
National Councilor: Donna Hollis OFS